Sustainable Prospects: Week 9 Reflection W/C 17th November

During this week I have continued to research Edward Weston. There are new discoveries that I keep making on pieces of his work, some that are more relevant in showing me how I can improve my work. One of the images in particular is Onion Halved (1930) and Artichoke Halved (1930) which I found on the Art Institute Chicago website also Mushroom (1940) which was found in a google search. I have also tried to implement the principles of composition that I learnt from observing Cabbage Leaf (1931) and Peppers (1929-1930). Which can be found on the Edward Weston website.

I have read through the book The Mexico Years – Edward Weston and Tina Modotti. There were several images by Modotti that I was particularly drawn to. Calla Lily (1924-1926), Roses (1924) and Experiment in Related Form or Glasses (1924). In these images I like the way they make the image look beautiful but also show the textures. It shows me how I can fill the whole frame and maintain a beautiful image.

I really enjoyed exploring these images and also those in the books, The Last Years in Carmel and Seventy Photographs. It also led me to look back at my favourite works by Ansel Adams. I feel that my research is leading me to have a much greater appreciation and shows me the way to attempt to turn an OK picture into something better.

I visited the Side Gallery this weekend (Sat 18/11). They have 2 new exhibitions Rock against Racism – Syd Shelton and Gordon Parks: A Choice of Weapons.

Syd’s images showed such a range of emotions, my favourite was of Jimmy Pursey at Brockwell Park. I found the range of light and dark shades drew you into the pained expression on Pursey’s face.

Gordon Parks images were also deeply emotive, one I was most drawn to was a portrait of Mohammed Ali. Up close it was a very beautiful image whilst also being a very iconic image of an iconic individual. The amount of detail that was also included was immense, the beads of sweat, the lighting showing reflection in his eyes that draws you to look directly into his face.

Further to this I tried to find the image of the Bulbous Bow by Bruce Rae that featured in the Side Galleries last exhibition. The textures that were featured in this image were fascinating and a feature if what I would like to see in my own work. Whilst working on this I cam across some of his plant images which use a technique of salt printing which was also used by William Henry Fox Talbot. The images feel vintage and also show how to make a good composition using natural items, which is a skill I have been working in throughout this module.

The lessons I am continuing to learn I have tried to put into practice this week:

I feel like my style is really developing and I particularly enjoyed my image of bubbles. Although I don’t think I will be able to take this image forward into my portfolio as it doesn’t fit in with the project topic – I just like looking at it and I feel that it shows I am making progress in my composition skills.

This weeks tutorial was really helpful this week it also picked out some elements of my work that I had not considered before. Many of my images contain natural materials, they all have a function, this leads to the consideration of what may be the journey that they might go through in the process on manufacturing.

Overall I feel this week has been massively beneficial on many fronts.



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