Positions and Practice Week 9 Reflection w/c 21st July 2017

  • Making a Picture vs Taking a Picture
  • Taking an image of something vs Taking a picture about something
  • Finding out what you care about.

The webinar this week brought up a few issues for me. It turns out I do have some ability when reading images and applying what a message could be.

I was particularly happy this week with my analysis of the bird-cage. I feel this was my one success of the week.


This is a bird cage.

One interpretation is that it is ornamental, something to look upon, in the traditional sense of a birdcage, it would symbolise the beauty of looking at a bird, decoration, hopeful, whistful

On the otherhand – this symbolises a prison/entrapment to a point slavery. It would not be a symbol of hope.

In the webinar critical perspectives were described as trying to catch fog in  box – I can completely identify with this analogy – I am really struggling with the theory.

With regards to my own work I think I struggle to apply the theory for a couple of reasons.

  • I don’t take images with the intent of making a statement
  • I don’t have an urge to be controversial with my work

This seems to be a trend in the people that we have come across in this weeks reading and subjects.

I want to make images that are beautiful – from the critical perspectives view this will likely be seen as vacuous.

I would like to perhaps cause debate with my work but not in a Political/Socio-economic or cultural sense. More in a…

  • What do you think this image is?
  • What can you see?
  • Can you see something in the image that you haven’t seen in a picture of this subject before?
  • Do you think it is effective?

We did discuss that my pictures put into the webinar this week were more of something than about something and I can completely see this. We did discuss some techniques that I am going to try – I want to get much closer to the subject and reverse lensing was suggested.

From this I have done some research and reading and ordered the parts required and we will see how this works for my practice.

I was also set a kind of mini project – sourcing inspiration from my administration background – I really enjoyed this and it did give me insight that my photographs were now about part of my story rather than just of something.

My work world

I felt quite frustrated whilst reading this weeks presentations Hodgson to me I did feel came across as a little elitist in the views displayed and this once again made me question my work, along with the worry that my work was vacuous as mentioned earlier.

There are many times that I don’t find it easy to take a photograph and my work would probably not be deemed as quality looking at Hodgson’s views. – Perhaps I should just have faith in my convictions that my work has merit.

I disagree that there should be discrimination in photography – I feel everyone should be able to express themselves without judgement an experience joy in the arts. I agree some will be of a better standard than others…but if you don’t like it don’t look at it!!

Perhaps I do fit in somewhere though in the critical perspectives, in the viewpoint that my photographs are dependant on the reader really looking at my images, or learning how to look at something. This is part of the perspectives wok