Positions and Practice Week 6 Reflection w/c 30 June

We didn’t have to write a reflection this week, but since I am finding them to be a really useful tool I thought I would write one anyway.

Last week we briefly went through our Oral Presentations with our peers to gain initial feedback. This week our presentations were to our course tutors to get another set of feedback.

I discovered a few things and also made some decisions.

  • I’m going to need a title for my presentation.
    • We are telling our photographic stories, so this should explain like a short narrative.
  • I am also going to need a little bit more text.
    • It’s a little bit sparse in that area.
  • On a plus point:
    • my layout is good and got positive feedback
    • the  balance was good – I have chosen an unobtrusive texture.
  • What I need to do:
    • Keep asking questions of what I would like to achieve.
    • Make my images bigger – In particular on my research page.
    • Expand my research – tell a story that will link the people that I have chosen to look at.
    • Show in the slide the equipment that I use.
      • What is an olloclip
      • how does the kit change your work
      • what else can i experiment with
      • talk about my images in more depth
      • Don’t worry about including images that we were proud of but we have now moved on from.
      • be a reflective photographer
    • Criticality
      • What more can we explore
      • using light/shadow how will this develop my work.
    • Research
      • Karl Blosfeld – Plant Specimens
      • Think about looking into perception
        • How a human processes images
        • Ernst Gomblich
          • Art and Illusion
          • Art Perception and reality
          • the story of art
        • Psychology and marketing on perception

This all means that I have quite a lot to do in the coming week, but I have set up my vimeo account and a big challenge will be the recording my video. I had technical problems during my presentation and so this has me worried.

On a photographic front, I have taken some film images. I don’t have the skills or equipment for self-development of the film so I have to play the waiting game to see how they turn out. Oh my!

this will be a major development in my project work when I see how they are coming out.