Positions and Practice Week 11 Reflection: w/c 4th August

Looking at the proposals has been  a good activity to carry out. It gave me a real insight into what is expected from me.

During my research I have seen many different formats from table layouts to long pieces of prose.

I think what is going to work for my is a simple layout with subheadings, this will make it straightforward to deal with and to read and also to edit throughout the stages of the writing/editing process.

I was able to identify audiences that I may have through my social media followers an also my family.

With regards to my personal progress I thought I had made a break through, but now I am maybe not so sure. I took my work to webinar, there had been previous concerns that I had been taking images of things rather than about things – which was addresses and I was really pleased to have put together the small collection of images that had a story behind them. This had led me to coming up with the idea of having a series of images of journeys in macro and these were ideas that I feel I could have actually taken forward and this felt really positive. I had finally taken some steps forward….there was progression. I felt a little deflated coming out of the webinar, the feedback is always constructive which I appreciate but now I’m just left a little confused! The progress I had made could be seen and suggestions were made to how I could move forward, the only problem is I haven’t figured out how it is possible to execute these!

Moving forward the plan is to figure this out! I am setting myself another mini project on the outcome of the feedback, I see this as the way I am able to achieve the objectives.

I also now have access to Newcastle University Libraries and have planned in a weekend to obtain research to add to my project proposal.