Final Major Project: Introductory Meeting with Wendy McMurdo 21st August 2018


This was my first meeting with Wendy to go over what I have done in the course previously and also where I see my work going or the course of the Final Major Project module.

We discussed the last module which was focused on Rebirth – and how I watched pieces of fruit and then using macro photography to show the changes from one form to another. Transformation.

What I need to do with my work:

I really need to figure out what it is that interests me, what is the direction that I want to take.

Do I really want to set along the same path of macro, and inanimate objects or pieces of fruit.

What do I really want my final piece of work to be about?

Research to follow up on:

  • Sally Mann – Rotting Bodies – How bodies decompose, body farms, humanist burials.
  • Sam Taylor-Wood – Revisit her work regarding breast cancer
  • Susan Sontag – on Illness
  • Stephen Gill – Revisit his work with Energy Drinks, he is someone to really look into – How rotting things transform other things, past present and future all come together, rubbish dumps.
  • Quinten Crisp – what is the point of cleaning? On top of Archival photographs
  • Memorial Photography – Victorian Times
  • Ben Burbridge – Medical Imagery – Book and Exhibition – Look at the video and also think about work with a Microscope.

Keep watch for the website coming live to find the presentations (25th Sept)