Surfaces and Strategies: Week 7. Independent Reflection W/C 13/07/2018

This weeks activity Thinking About Spaces, really made me think, everyone had masses of books covering a broad range of topics which not only made me realise how limited my range of knowledge is, but also how beneficial if would be to broaden this. Whilst I do borrow a lot of library books I feel I need to do more.

The Sorting Images activity was a fun one as this is the way that I like to work when curating my work in progress portfolios.

Putting together the dummy was more difficult than I had anticipated. I thought I had a clear vision but in fact the way that I want to present my images for exhibition is not the same as I would present my images for a photo book.

As it turns out and the feedback received from my presentation at our webinar, I picked the wrong paper, I sized my images incorrectly but the concept worked for what I was trying to say with this dummy.

When I introduced the label to my concept it was because I wanted the item to have a sense of belonging, with the labels having the name of the grower I felt it gave a personal, emotional link to my item going through its rebirth process, but also that there is a sense that there is someone there who will celebrate the rebirth.

I have reconsidered the layout for my photo book and have compiled a sketch from which I will try to make another dummy.

Layout sketch

My project is moving away from what might be seen as the morbidity of death and much more heading to the celebration of the rebirth. This is a much more comfortable place and it then allows me to see some of the beauty in some of the images that I am producing.


Working with physical objects was something that I wanted to look at this week. I got the book Photographers Sketchbooks, and its made me realise that this is an aspect of work that I don’t do enough of.

The way I work tends to be quite off the cuff. Everything I use is pretty much digital and I don’t have many tactile notes/plans, I wonder if this is detrimental to my practice.

Jason Evans was one photographer I was drawn to in this book, perhaps due to the abstract style of his work, but he also seemed to work in quite a similar style to my own, but the way that I work is not always successful. When I have been completing my shoots I don’t really pay enough attention to the set up, angles, focal length, aperture etc, so when it comes back to re-shoot I struggle to get the same settings as I used before. So when I came across the diary of Naoya Hatakeyama it was really quite enlightening. Photographers’ Sketchbooks. Spread highlighting photographer Naoya Hatakeyama

My practice could also gain a great deal by using a diary to plan shoots to the level of Hayakeyama as it would not only be beneficial to my practice for this course but also future projects so I can keep track of what works and what doesn’t.  It would also give me something tangible of my projects.

This book also reminded me of the importance of printing my work, I go through fits and starts of this but it really does help my practice when I do. The work of Cahier by Martin Kollar was very interesting and the layout of his sketchbook, the methodology used to put his images together and how they were presented is something I should take note of. It would not only make planning for the end result of exhibition/photobook easier but also planning for the shoots that I still need to achieve.

This piece of research has really made me consider my methodologies and shows me where I need to make changes and improvements – its also made me realise that I want to remake my dummy into something of higher quality.

My remade Dummy

Photobook password


Mclaren, Stephen and Formhals, Bryan, (2014), Photographers Sketchbooks, Thames & Hudson Ltd, London

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