Surfaces and Strategies: Week 2. Independent Reflection W/C 08/06/2018

This week I’ve felt quite torn with some of the concepts that we have covered. In my opinion, no one should be able o reuse another individuals work without explicit consent. The ideas of reusing and reediting to make gain when you haven’t produced the original just does not seem morally right to me.

I think in the event that my work was re appropriated by someone else I would have taken the same action as Meiselas did in the case of the Molotov Man.

Whilst I have been influenced by others I have not taken someone else’s work so I am comfortable in my practice that I am working in the right way in line with my moral compass.

This weeks webinar was really beneficial. We discussed ways that I could make my images more interesting, working with the images I had taken since the last webinar.

I am looking at maybe not taking the whole piece of fruit in the frame, just picking out particular details. this will particularly come into play when it comes to exploring the mould at the end of the cycle.

I have been looking at the work of Daro Montag to see how they make beautiful images from organisms.

I have also looked at the work of Estonian photographer Heikki Leis and his series of images in the collection Afterlife.

Heikki Leis – 2017

Some of the the images I think it would have been nice to know what the items looked like beforehand. this is what I want to achieve with my images, a story of the stage before coming to the rebirth.

During this weeks webinar we discussed what could be potential outlets for my work, thinking that scientific venues may be appropriate for the nature of my images or perhaps even the use of x-ray paper to give my topic a more scientific feel.

I plan to do some research on scientific and aerial photography to broaden my view on the types of images I could possible achieve.

This week also came with researching safety procedures for what my new work might entail.

The concepts behind my work have made me consider the concepts of life and death a little consider if i am actually saying that the development of the mould is a reincarnation or the development of something brand new.

It has also made me consider my own views and beliefs.

  • Do I believe in reincarnation?
  • Do I believe that the mould is alive?
  • Is the transformation from one thing to another just a simple scientific process or is it something else?


In the development of my abstract imagery I have been looking at the work of Daro Montag – Who I met at the face to face event at Falmouth in February.

I have been looking at this work to gain a better understanding of how natural living organisms could be made into beautiful art.

The series Bioglyhs which I discovered on the website:

This work really assisted me in looking at the potential this type of work could have and the direction that it could take. Though it isn’t a direction I’m ready for just yet.

I also gained inspiration from the work in Dialogues with Nature. Not only was the imagery helpful but the examples of how to create a photographers sketchbook was a helpful insight into what I can produce to start and document my progress, especially when coming up to the Final Major Project to document thoughts and sketches as well as imagery. It could also be helpful to my audience to view these sketchbooks – as my work is documenting a period of time (again time will play a pivotal role in my work), it would be like a diary entry that could accompany an exhibition or be a zine that could be picked up at an exhibition. 

Daro Montag - Dialogues with nature
Daro Montag – Dialogues with Nature

The work in the This Earth series was inspiring show in the range of colours that could be found in the microscopic world. Whilst it is not in my current plans to go as far down this route it is interesting to see what the possibilities are.

Montag’s work and my own are similar in that we are looking at life-cycles of natural objects. I want to look at what happens after – the next stage of life. New Life.



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