Sustainable Prospects: Week 11 Reflection W/C 1st December.

Most of the week this week had been spent preparing for the hand in dates.

I have spent a great deal of time this week pondering where I want to see my project go. I always had in the back of my mind that an exhibition would be unachievable, even though I would really love to see my images presented in that way. I did some research this week and found that Newcastle City Library has an exhibition space. As part of my project is looking at how people see differently and how looking and identifying is a learned behaviour it seem like a pretty good combination.

I had a review of my work in progress and there has been a further cull. What I did notice that I hadn’t before is that I am able to group my images into mini collections within my WIP. I found this really interesting, it kind of fit in with the video of Felicity McCabe and how she explained she had started to pair her images together after looking at historical paintings. My fit into trios and I really like how they sit together, it gives the flow of my practical work much more meaning. I also made a new edition which I am pleased with. The WIP is going to received one more review and then it is going in!

Pins and needles

The peer review of our CRJ’s didn’t go too well due to my own technical issues meaning I could only listen to everyone, but I have received some positive and also helpful points on the forum which I am going to take into account and act upon. I want to also spend some time contributing in the forums as this is an area that I have neglected this module due to not feeling I had enough time.

After reading Grant Scott’s Chapter – The Power of the Personal Project I have decided to act upon an idea that has been with me for a while and I think it will ignite the feelings that I had when I first started out in photography. I don’t want to make this an expensive task as it is a really simple idea.

I have worked really hard on my online presence this week. Both my CRJ and website have had a lot done to them. I have attempted to clean them up and make them more relevant to my practice. I think my website is going to be where I put my new personal project. I think some work still needs to be done on the menus, but overall I am very happy with what I have achieved.

Now just to complete the oral presentation.


  • Scott, Grant, 2015, The Power of a Personal Project [IN] Professional photography: the new global landscape explained, Focal Press, Burlington Massachusetts/ Oxfordshire England

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