Sustainable Prospects: Week 10 Reflection W/C 24th November

I have focused this week on re-shoots and trying out a couple of new ideas.

I have been able to finalise my work in progress portfolio and how I wish to present this.

My most exciting shoot was working on a new idea using pencil shavings. It was interesting experimenting with different types of pencils, using light in different ways and using different levels of macro lens.

These images have now made their way into the final 18 images, it has also meant that I have now been able to remove some of the weaker images without fear. Meaning my curation process has become much easier.

In the process of my re-shoots the Pine Cone just hasn’t been working for me, nor has the babybel.

The image I was most happy with after the re-shoot was the Kiwi Fruit. I really felt that everything that I have learnt from observing Weston, Blossfeldt, Mapplethorpe and Rae has really started to pay off.

Carrying out this activity led me to do some research and I came across a photographer called Felice Frankel who is a science photographer. Whilst her images are of scientific discoveries they all lead me to ask what they are? With this being the topic of my project I find these images fascinating and it shows me that I will be able to get closer to my subjects and some of the effects that will be achievable.

I also started to put together the treatment for Amy Simmons brief as she is coming a week earlier than expected.


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