Sustainable Prospects: Week 7 Reflection W/C 3rd November 2017

This week has felt like a really good week.

I have made some more inroads into catching up which is very much a relief.

This week I have had the time to take some images and then to also receive some feedback from the tutorial. I really like this set but understand that I can develop them more.

Whilst there has been some appreciation for the work that I have done I have been asked to look and consider my composition and a list of some photographers to have a look at and report back on after the weekend.

I have finally made progress on obtaining some work experience and also a mentor at the same time I have a meeting next week but overall it is sounding really positive.

The image virus part of my project has slowed down but still getting interaction but I am going to see if I can use it in a more beneficial way perhaps optimise the use of different hashtags and this is going to be a route of my research also. I need to have more images so that I can add more and I think this will also pull in more interaction.

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