Sustainable Prospects: Week 6 Reflection W/C 27th October 2017

This weeks sole focus was to put together the oral presentation and to share this within the weekly webinar.

I added to the work I had ready for last week adding more slides and more information and began to put my script together. I also built upon the feedback I received last week.

Sadly no one else attended the webinar so whilst it was really useful and helpful having the 1:2:1 time with Krishna it was disappointing not to also have the feedback from my peers. The joys of distance learning.

Krishna however did give me really great feedback and has given me the confidence that I am on the right track and my project is going the right way.

There are some elements of the presentation that needs tweaking and also my presentation style. I have been given some pointers so that I can improve.

I need to add some more images and have a plan in place for this.

I also need to work on the research basis of my work. I want to look closely at individuals such as Nick Knight to give my work better standing. I also need to work on the skills to be able to describe my own work more critically I have also been looking at using analysis that asks the questions Why, What, Where, When, How and then using this to describe my work. I feel that I need to put this into practice more and more often so that it becomes natural.

The social media campaign is also coming along well. It is receiving interation not necessarily the way intended but I think I just need to keep this going and keep reiterating the email address. I have also decided to create a Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and perhaps WordPress pages and then use a manager so that I only need to post once, instead of once on every platform.


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