Sustainable Prospects: Week 5 Reflection W/C 20th October 2017

This week has been a real week of catching up, as it has been the first week in October that I have not been working away. This has made a real difference to my mindset. Whilst I am still quite behind with the readings I have made significant progress.

The Week 3 activity of Image Virus has been somewhat of a breakthrough for me. Whilst I don’t feel comfortable sending it anonymously via email to my address book I decided to take it to social media.

I created an email address and Instagram account specifically for the purpose – I also extended out and created a website. I was also sharing the information through my own social media networks. Whilst many of the responses aren’t currently going to the email as intended at least it is creating interaction. Perhaps I need to extend out to have a specific site on each of the platforms. This will be something to consider over the coming weeks. Carrying out this exercise really gave me a lightbulb moment that the WhatAmI? WhatCanYouSee? project could be the platform to reach new audiences and a way to encourage interaction – with the website also being my online gallery.

This has really motivated me in moving forward with my project.

Having watched the video of Maximus Barnett it pointed out to me that I need to re-edit and continuously do so in preparation for the hand in date of the work in progress portfolio and also be much more selective in what I post online. It also prepared me for putting together a physical printed portfolio (15 images max). I need to hone my curation skills which will also benefit me when trying to put my work in progress work together.

In terms of networking this week I posted regarding some work experience – I had some very positive feedback. There were several photographers who gave really helpful advice which I will use, but also through taking this step I have managed to gain a volunteering opportunity at a Zombie running event this weekend. I have also been offered the invitation of helping at a couple of weddings next year which will both be valuable experience for me.

On LinkedIn I have joined some photography networks including Women In Photography, which I hope will be insightful. I also connected with some female photographers – I intend to carry this on and do the same on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Below are the steps I posted into the forum:

This week for the networking activities I have done the following:

  • Interacted with some photographers on Instagram and Facebook.
  • I have connected with some photographers on LinkedIn
  • I have joined some photographic networks on LinkedIn
  • I had already (at the start of the module) joined the AOP
  • Found out details of some photography workshops
  • I joined a macro photography course online with Amersham Studios as recommended by the RPS
  • I worked on obtaining work experience and had a conversation with a couple of photographers one of which looks promising.
  • I volunteered as a photographers at a local charity event and got to know some of the photographers and this was very beneficial.
  • I joined the RPS North Facebook page.

I also took the step to enter a photography competition – I entered the World Photography Organisation Open Competition so that was quite a step for me.

This weeks webinar was hugely helpful. It really reassured me that I was travelling in the right direction with my work.

The choice I made are:

  • Sticking to simply iPhone photography
    • to research photographers in this field.
  • To stick to my style of black and white.
  • To continue with the Image Virus type activities.

This weeks webinar has also led me to look at the work of Nick Knight.

Knight has done several photo shoots using only an iPhone and mobile apps for the editing of the images.  The article on his website also makes some very valid points to which supports my decision to work the way that I work. He accepts that some would see iPhone photography as not “proper” photography by saying “It’s a new medium, he says “and I feel strongly that we have to embrace it” he also says “You don’t care what paintbrush a painter uses, and you shouldn’t really care what technology a photographer or an image-maker uses. It’s about what you’re trying to say” both of these quotes are from a BJP article by Sarah Raphael in 2015.

Whilst some may not agree, and think that anyone with a cameraphone is now a photographer I hope this viewpoint of Nick Knight can be carried forward to more people and that I can gain support for my work.


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