Sustainable Prospects: Week 4 Reflection W/C 13th October 2017

I’m really struggling to stay on track, I have had another week of working away. The nature of my job does not allow me to work while I am away.

This week there was not the oppourtunity to capture images.

The travelling time however has given me the opportunity to really consider my final major project. I have made the following assumptions

  • I don’t currently have the time to begin again
  • I am passionate about my style of photography.
  • I need to streamline the way I am approaching the project
    • I need to put my focus on mobile photography as I had originally planned.
    • I think I want to focus on black and white images
    • I need to streamline the research, have more focus, I am making things much more difficult for myself.

I need to make the time to go through the assessment feedback from the last module so that I can develop and improve on this module. I am also going to start preparing the assessment materials for the current module.

Sadly I haven’t heard back from any of the photographers that I have contacted – I think in order to network I am going to have to sign up for some courses just to meet others.

I do have a local photography group but their meetings are on a Thursday night which is the only time that I can attend the Course Webinars, so I find myself in a Catch 22.

Fortunately this week should be the last I am away and I will be able to dedicate myself to my work, which is going to be a huge relief.

One area that is becoming a struggle is that the essential reading documents are not available online therefore I am trying to get ahead and order the books online but this is also contributing to me being further behind.

This weeks activity was to create a marketing plan – the following was some of the thoughts that I had to be able to achieve this:

My objectives

  • To raise my profile in the photography industry in the North East.
  • To enter some photography competitions (at least 6 per year)
  • To develop my skills and knowledge and attend at least 1 workshop
  • To interact regularly with a photography network.
  • To increase interaction on my social media pages and website.


  • To make my online website less cluttered and more appropriate
    • Become better at curating.
  • Edit/Update portfolio and website regularly
  • Prepare a PDF portfolio presentation
  • Write and publish a blog post and send out a mail shot once a week/fortnight
  • Spend 10 minutes everyday on social media

This week I have spent time (since I needed to be mobile) looking through Macro images on Instagram and Google one image I did particularly like was this image, it is along the same lines as where I would like my work to go in the future but I would also like to be able to capture this amount of detail in my current work. I think the composition of this work is really nice too.

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