Sustainable Prospects: Week 3 Reflection W/C 6th October 2017

I feel completely out of touch and not really up to date with where I should be and this has left me panicking.

My day job has had me working away again for the third week in a row. This means that the time I would normally have to dedicate to my photography practice is now non-existent and I am trying to cram a whole week and more into a weekend. this is not conducive to creativity.

In terms of my major project work I am still in two minds whether to change the subject matter of my project. It seems that my current choice of work is just too confusing. Perhaps I can look at an option to simplify it.

Another area that I feel is stunting me in my development is that I have not been able to attend the webinars due to being away with work.

I have one more week of working away and then I should be in a more stable position to dedicate the time required to my photographic practice.

This weekend I have spent some time attempting to hone some of my macro skills – these were simply taken on an iPhone with my olloclip but it made me feel like I had done something.

I have been trying once again to gain further experience, the photographer who did initially seem keen, as soon as I explained I was a Masters Student looking to develop my skills has refused to take my calls or answer my emails which is hugely disappointing. I am still looking to explore further options.

I spent one evening at an astrophotography talk at an Observatory at the Dark Sky Discovery Site at Battlesteads in Wark, Northumberland. Here I was able to learn about how to photograph the night skies, whilst not linked to my work it was a really great experience to learn from professionals. Sadly the skies were too stormy to take the images ourselves (we have been invited back for another try), we were taken through how to set ourselves up and how it is required to stack images to get more dramatic effects. It was quite different to how I work now. I work really close up to items, whereas they are the experts at capturing objects thousands of miles away. The images that were shown in the presentation were spectacular and I now have an appreciation of the method of photography on the different end of the spectrum to my normal practice.


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