Sustainable Prospects: Week 2 Reflection W/C 29th September

A little bit of a disappointing week in some ways but it also had some highlights.

The photographer who I had scheduled a telephone appointment with got called out on a job, but also did not return either of my calls or emails. this was really quite disappointing but it also seems to be becoming a trend which is a little difficult to take. it seemed that this change in attitude came along as soon as I mentioned I was an MA Photography student looking to improve.

I entered a photography competition this week and treated the process like I had been handed a brief.


The process of researching what I was going to take photographs of and also planning the shoot was hugely exciting and enjoyable. I think I got some really lovely shots too, which made it hugely satisfying.

I was extremely proud of the final shot that I entered into the competition.

Railway Bridge
Railway Arch South West of Black Gate

The whole process and the subject of the competition made me wonder if I was actually going down the right route with my Final Major Project.

It made me think about the possibility of looking at the heritage of the North East and perhaps including some re-photography.

The reason I am considering the change is that it seems that the topic I have chosen is just so broad and I don’t feel very much like I have a definitive focus this is quite worrying. It was also discussed over the last module that there is nothing really that links my images together, other than they are challenging to test the viewer.

I feel like I need to have a brainstorming session to clarify what it is that I want to achieve with my work.

With regards to the module materials I think it was important to carry out the Let’s Talk Business activity as I used this as part of trying to clarify what I want to do.

This is the response to my challenge below.

Kirsty Logan Photography.

Mission Statement

The aim of my photography is to represent myself ethically and responsibly. Showing respect to the subjects that I am working with but also to anyone else I am working with.

I would like to explore the different ways that individuals can see the same image and what effects this such as the abstraction of using black and white filters can have on the way an image is seen. The plan is to do this using macro/micro photography.

The Product

The product will be a series of images put together in a small exhibition and/or photobook.

It will also include summaries of the different responses of what the images were thought to be, also a revelation of what the image is.

The images will explore the effects of macro/micro photography and the use of a black and white filter can influence the identification of an object.

The Market

The Market for my work would be those interested in micro/macro photography but also those who are interested in either black and white or abstract images.

My audience will begin with social media and then attempt to reach out into a more physical audience.

I read The Optimist article by Olivier Laurent this week – I was inspired by this article and it did remind me that there are choices outside of photography but also while it is a highly competitive occupation there is also compassion.

This week I also signed up for a macro photography course recommended by the RPS and carried out by Amersham Studios. I hope that this will help my should I carry on with this route.

Whilst on the RPS website I looked through the galleries focussing on macro and I was really inspired by the images and have included some links/images below:{C0A864D6-0E24-489E-91DD-62F80E959B38}{F8F70D07-0ABD-45C0-AA1D-75140634423B}

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