Sustainable Prospects: Week 1 Reflection W/C 22nd September 2017

This week was a really interesting week. I attended the Side Photographic Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Gallery Brochure
Side Photographic Gallery Brochure

I really enjoyed the black and white images by Bruce Rae, they captured feeling and emotion in them. Some of the images showed lovely textures left on the metal by the metal workers. Along with the stills there was a film featuring more stills and there was one that was described as a bulbous bow of a ship and it really appealed to be as the shape and texture in the image will also be hugely important in my project too. Sadly this image is only on the film and not available in other formats yet.

This was not only a really interesting experience through looking at the work of professional photographers and appreciating their talent but it also allowed me to meet a lady called Gailen.

Gailen is a Teacher of Photography and also a volunteer at the gallery. I was able to discuss with her the possibility of having my final major project exhibition at the gallery, but she also gave me the contact details of the Head Curator at the gallery. I was also pointed in the direction of the Bridge Project, who loan out dark room facilities ans also the possibility of being able to use the facilities at Newcastle College. I spent approximately half an hour with Gailen but it was extremely beneficial.

This was also the start of the new module, this was not only hugely exciting but also enlightening and inspiring. The chapter from Beyond the Lens I found extremely useful. Encouraging to make the most of the opportunities that we have as students. It was also really positive to have our first tutorial with Krishna. There were some extremely valuable experiences discussed in the session and it was interesting to see what everyone had been doing over the break.

I also made contact with a photographer who seemed really interested in doing a session with me , working on product photography which I feel will be beneficial in helping me to set up my macro shots. I have set up and appointment to speak with them next week, this could be a really interesting and valuable experience.

I still feel that I need to become organised in the way that I work. I have 3 weeks of working away coming up, which will prove a little but challenging especially trying to combine this with my project work.

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