Reflection W/C 15th September

This week has been the eager anticipation of the new module release!

I have put some serious work into getting organised and putting time into planning some photo shoots and some editing time to enable me to improve on the last module.

One of the points that came up in my feedback is the interdisciplinary aspects of photography and this is something that I have been considering this week.


“relating to more than one branch of knowledge”


“the quality or fact of involving or drawing on two or more branches of knowledge”

This means that the sources or research should perhaps be extended out

  • Colour/Art/Seeing
  • Ways of seeing/Art/Science/Psychology
  • Light (as this will affect colour and how things are seen)/Art/Science

All of the above points fit in with the books that I have been reading my Ernst Gombrich. One of the points that I have pulled out from The Image and The Eye was “the artist ‘teaches us to see'” (Gombrich, Pg.27, 1994). This entwines the art and the science but it also brought to the attention that it was relevant to my project work. I don’t want to teach a person what to see, but I do want to know what they can see and then to tell them what they are seeing.

I have also read a book called Vision and Art: the Biology of Seeing by Margaret Livingstone. This book explained how colour can be seen by individuals differently – (In my WIP on the last module I included colour images). If colour is seen differently I wonder whether I should give every one a level playing field and stick with only the black and white images from my selection.

Having a broader breadth of information to work from can only be beneficial in some ways but I also want to be clear about my aims.

The feedback was also beneficial in having me think about how I want to display my work and I have been planning in the time to work on my photography website and looking at how I can develop it to be more fruitful.

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