Reflection W/C 8th September

This week I am on holiday – I took the decision not to bring my camera to see if it would reinvigorate me creatively.

I did have my camera-phone with me just in case I was inspired, which was lucky as I was although not project related way. I think I got a little bit of love back for the craft and I am now really looking forward to the start of the next module, and the grades have now been confirmed so I have passed and can move on.

I also  heard back from the photographer who offers mentoring services – I responded with examples of my work and a brief description of what I would be looking for, and I have put in the diary to chase this up in another couple of weeks to see if I hear anything back.

So far it doesn’t feel like I am being very successful on the gaining experience/knowledge front. I think I may need to try a different approach and see what happens from there.

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