Positions and Practice Week 12 Reflection: w/c 11th Aug

This week has been consumed with my Research Project Proposal.

After spending time in the Newcastle University Library – I felt much more prepared and focissed on what my actual goal is.

Following on from this my 1:1 tutorial with Gary really settled the nerves that I am actually heading in the right direction after being seemingly lost for quite some time.

This week has really given me the opportunity to plan where I see myself going on the course. The forums also for good and bad reasons – I think have pointed out my weakness in Critical Thinking. I have put a plan in place to try and rectify these issues and try and clarify what or where I am going wrong in my understanding.

During the production of my Work in Progress Portfolio, I felt that there were a couple of pieces missing, so I took the opportunity to take some more.

This week with handing in my work has felt quite a positive week overall.

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