Week 9: Critical Perspectives

In my research I looked for the definitions, as I feel this is normally a good place for me to start.

“Critical perspective is a collection of reflective, critical and creative essays exploring art, civic dialogue and reflective critical writing” http://www.animatingdemocracy.org

I didn’t really know where to get started as I’m not sure that I really understand this weeks work.

From my understanding a critical perspective is:

  • the ability to compare and discuss different attitudes and interpretations
    • the attitudes behind this attitude
    • the ideas behind this idea

To express an opinion ‘critically’ you should know the awareness of the different points of view that could be taken on the subject you are writing, and explain why yours is the most compelling  http://ask.fxplus.ac.uk

I’ll be honest I have struggled this week, social sciences are not a strong point of mine. I have struggled to apply the perspectives to my practice for a few reasons:

  • I don’t make images with the intend of making a statement
  • I don’t have an urge to be controversial with my work.

With respects to my work:

  • I want to make images that are beautiful
  • I would maybe like to perhaps cause debate, but not in a political, socio-economic, cultural sense, but what do you think this image is, do you think it is effective, can I see something in the image that I haven’t seen in a picture of this subject before.

In this weeks readings I felt quite frustrated by the views of Hodgson, I did feel it was a little elitist and this once again made me question my work

  • As I focus on beauty it would probably be deemed that my work is vacuous
  • There are times that I don’t find it easy to take a photograph and my work probably would not be deemed as quality looking at Hodgson’s view.
  • I disagree that there should be discrimination in photography I feel everyone should be able express themselves without judgement and experience joy in the arts. I agree some will be of a better standard than others but if you don’t like it don’t look at it!

Perhaps I fit in with the critical perspectives in that my photograph is dependant on the reader really looking at my images. This is part of the perspectives that I can understand, part of my major project is to see how other people see and perhaps this could also be a learning curve.

During the weekly webinar in fitting with this weeks work my images tend to be of  something not about something which was in the readings of this week. It makes me wonder that if because they are not about something is there something missing from my work and there is certainly a need to delve much deeper and add to this post in the future.


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