Positions and Practice Week 5 Reflection w/c 23rd June

This week has been a tough week trying to get the work study balance as well as get my thoughts together to show what I would like to achieve with my presentation.

I sometimes wonder if I am asking too much of myself, but then I also surprise myself with my resolve to get things done.

This week I have also set about sourcing the equipment that I would like to use in my major project. I am now the proud owner of a Canon AE-1 with lenses including a macro lens and also extension tubes, I now just need to find the film that is going to best fit my needs. I feel that this is going to be a really exciting journey for me as in essence I learn a new skill.

I have also learned what I feel my ethics and responsibilities are. I always thought that because I didn’t take photographs of people the rules that apply to that type of photography were not really relevant to me, but now I realise that nature can also be exploited and I have a responsibility towards conservation and how I look after the nature that I so enjoy photographing. It is not that I didn’t know that I should look after my environment I think I just had not thought deeply about it in this context.

I think the realisation from this week will improve and enhance my ethical practice.

I have also enjoyed creating some images and making them black and white in preparation for my project work and I realised just how distracting colour can be to a viewer. I also learnt some skills on Lightroom which I have not tried before and this was very useful.

I was challenged by writing the script for my presentation and the ASK section of the study skills on the University website proved helpful. However I still think that are areas for improvement in my script and will continue to tweak it until do our presentation next week.

Having our group get together as a presentation trial run was really helpful and proved to me again that group work can be beneficial.

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